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Bauska Secondary School Nr 2

Multifunctional Education Center

„I want to climb the highest mountain” / V.Pludons/

School has its own anthem and symbol – the Owl symbolizing wisdom and knowledge.


Bauska Secondary school Nr2 was established in September 1944 when Second World War was approaching its end. Initially it was seven-year school which shared premises with other school at 6 and 9 Riga Street.

1946 school moved to a separate building to 14 Rupniecibas Street and boarding school was at 7 Rupniecibas Street. Some time school spent in Korfa Manor – there were classrooms for elementary school, wrestling gym and boarding school. When school had grown and obtained the status of secondary school, it moved again – to 8 Riga Street.

In 1963 the construction of the new school building at 9 Darza Street was completed but in 1989 an extension was built to it – with spacious assembly hall, canteen and gym. The construction of the new boarding school started very soon, however, only in 2009 after 20 years of waiting and dreaming the dream came true and construction work was completed – but not as boarding school any more – the new multifunctional education center was born!


Since the day it was established the school has been providing education in Russian language children from Bauska and neighbouring rural municipalities. The first 16 graduates finished school in 1954. Nowadays the number of graduates has reached 2172 and 197out of them were studying in Latvian language.

Bauska secondary school Nr2 was one of the first schools in Latvia to offer education programme in Latvian and in 2002 first 16 students graduated from primary education programme in Latvian language.

Enabling environment, support for teachers and students, cooperation with parents, permanent raising of motivation, development and interaction between cultures – these are the keystones of our school philosophy.

School headmaster – Vera Grigorjeva says „Do with love… ”

Vera Grigorjeva has been the headmaster since 1982, she is Mag.Paed. with university degree in History, English language teaching, social pedagogy and since 2004 she has been school assessment expert – multiplicator by Ministry of Education and Science.

In 2008 Vera Grigorjeva was conferred a Unity Award by Society integration fund for supporting multicultural interaction and her efforts in improving the quality of education.

The headmaster’s leading motive is words said by Mother Teresa: „Don’t waste your forces trying to do great deeds, do small ones but with great love”. Vera Grigorjeva is convinced that we can always set new targets and take up new challenges improving information technologies, improving the methodology of teaching sciences and raising students’ learning motivation.

Our mission:

to stimulate every student and teacher’s development efforts and possibilities to become competitive, free and responsible culture personality.

Our vision:

lifelong learning – an inward necessity of a person.

We offer 6 education programmes:

  • primary education,
  • minority primary education,
  • general secondary education,
  • general secondary education with specialisation in sciences, maths and technologies,
  • general secondary education evening programme,
  • general secondary education external programme.

Facilities students can choose from:

  • Latvian folklore group
  • Russian folklore group
  • Environment awareness classes
  • Career education
  • Be the leader!
  • First aid classes
  • School history workshop
  • Floristic
  • Christian world
  • Public speech
  • Art group
  • Chess club
  • Table tennis
  • Boxing club
  • Singers group
  • Drama classes
  • Sport games group
  • Mathematician
  • School newspaper
  • Rhythmics
  • Cultural interaction
  • School museum
  • My mother tongue

Other facilities we offer:

  • Modern and well equipped classrooms
  • Information center – library, Internet-reading-room
  • Sports center – gym, weightlifting hall, boxing club, stadium
  • Lifelong education center
  • Career education center
  • Culture interaction center
  • School museum
  • Students’ supporting services (nurse, psychologist, speech therapist, special pedagogue, social pedagogue)
  • Assembly hall and exhibition hall
  • Canteen and cafe
  • Premises for seminars, courses and conferences
There are 7 methodological departments in Bauska secondary school Nr2:

  • Elementary school teachers
  • Mathematics teachers
  • Art teachers
  • Sciences teachers
  • Latvian language and literature teachers
  • Foreign language teachers
  • History teachers

Celebrations at our school:

  • Knowledge Day
  • 10-formers confirmation
  • Teachers’ Day
  • Oak Planting
  • Latvia Proclamatory Day
  • Christmas
  • Tatyana Day/Students’ Day
  • The Student of the Year
  • Graduates’ meeting
  • Valentine Day
  • Shrovetide
  • Easter
  • Mother’s Day concert
  • Fathers’ Day
  • The Last Bell
  • Primary and secondary school leaving parties


  • The Best School           2002
  • The quality of teaching process           2002/2003
  • The best home economics study 2002/2003
  • Qualifications and competence of the teachers personal (4 times)
  • The development of education quality 2002/2003
  • School management (3 times)
  • The best school library 2002/2003
  • The best history study 2003/2004
  • Career education 2005/2006
  • School environment 2007/2008